In this track my voice may guide you into doing something that you have been avoiding doing. But it is in two parts. I always like to start by asking, "Do you REALLY need to do it?", and "Would life not be easier by just deciding that you will NEVER do it?" Let your mind just drift. Imagine NOT doing it for a while. Would it be too terrible? True, there is probably a price to pay for not doing it. What IS that price? Is it worth paying? I doubt if it is a life or death matter. You are a free person. You can choose your paths in life. You can choose NOT to do it. It will save some effort and time which can be used for other things. But those gains will have a price which you can calmly think about. It is just like buying something. You want it. You know that you will have to pay for it. Maybe not doing this thing is well worth the price? There will be some price for being free from doing this thing. But maybe it is worth it!

If, by this time, you have seen that you are prepared to pay the price then you need only spend a short time deciding on the words you will use to tell people who need to know. Then you can stop listening. And do something else instead! So, what will you say?............. What words could you use?.....................

Now I carry on knowing that you have decided that the price is not worth paying. You now know that you have decided NOT to take the way out I offered. You have decided to go ahead.

What is the first step?........ The smallest first step. The smallest step towards writing an email is perhaps to switch the computer on. The smallest step towards writing an essay is perhaps to type or write the title. The smallest step towards tidying a room is perhaps to throw away one piece of rubbish. What is your smallest first step?....... Just let you mind rest on it. Picture yourself doing it. Feel yourself doing it. Gradually you will know that you will be doing it. This trance is a "doing the smallest thing" trance. You just imagine yourself doing the smallest thing. In this trance you just do that one thing. That is all. You just do the one smallest thing. That is all. You just do the one smallest thing.

After it is done the world and you have moved on. You will have done something. That is good. You may later come back to this track to entrance the next step. Or you may just be able to move on to the next step at once. That will be even better.

Life is for living. Live it.