These words of mine can guide you into many trances. This track leads you into a body trance. Gently let yourself be aware of your body. Let yourself become aware of all the many sensations. Feel the many subtle messages your body sends you. Let your mind wander all over your body as I speak. Take whatever path you like. From head to toe or from knee to shoulder. Deep inside or on the surface. Just whatever path you like. You can feel warmth. You can feel comfort. You can feel touch.

You can feel the gentle motion of breathing. You may feel the deep heart's life-long rhythm. You may feel the subtle tingle of life in every nerve. Just become aware of the sensations.

There is no need for any effort. There is nothing to fight. Your body is alive. It is not a robot. Enjoy being alive. Feel any tight muscles. Feel any relaxed muscles. Do not try to change them. Just feel them. Feel your face... your eyes.... your mouth... your tongue.. There is no need to move them. But feel them if they move by themselves. There is nothing to DO. You are just noticing. Notice your hands. They are just lying still. But they are alive. They are full of feeling. Feeling alive. There is not need to move them now. They will rejoice in a rest.

How much better it is to have a body than to have none. How much better it is to have feelings than to be numb. You are naturally entering into a body trance. It is a trance of pure body awareness. It is like wandering in a beautiful garden, Delighting in colours. Rejoicing in subtle scents. Wandering through the body. Delighting in its life. Rejoicing in its subtle sensations. A pure trance of body awareness. The touch of your mind invigorates the body. The acceptance by your soul relaxes the body. You and your body both can enjoy this body trance. You can return at any time you choose. To a body trance.... To a body trance... to a body trance....